Dr. Kayleigh Hunnicutt, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, Coach

Come explore how to create high-level, thriving spaces in your life!

Whether you are interested in therapy or coaching, or want to learn from me at your own rate via a self-paced course, I help equip high achievers with the skills and knowledge they need to create thriving environments in every area of their life and reduce their distress while doing so.

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Therapy – Ohio

If you are in the state of Ohio, I provide therapy services in-person in Gahanna, OH and via telehealth. This practice also takes insurance.

Therapy – 40+ States

If you are in one of the 40 (and growing) PSYPACT states, I provide therapy services via telehealth. This practice is self-pay only.


Wherever you reside, if you want to learn skills and gain rote knowledge without the emotional support piece, join me in one of my live coaching groups!

Self-Paced Courses

If you do not have the time to join us for a coaching group, you can snag one of my courses in my self-paced course materials, so that you still are able to gain access to this important information to start the journey of making the desired changes in your life.


Whether you are an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or another professional in the area, I offer consultations on various practice foci in the field of psychology.

Speaking Engagements

I love to share my knowledge and expertise with others; as such, I offer speaking engagements on a number of areas and topics.


Feel free to browse any additional relevant resources linked on this page (links may take you to external pages).

Blog Posts

  • Blog articles related to improving performance, mindset, and high achievement stressors
  • Blog articles related to boundaries and communication
  • Archived blog articles related to prior work on assessments and learning disabilities


  • Topics relevant to high achievers and common challenges that I see
  • Podcasts always provide specific skills and next steps to take with you to your next level
  • Format ranges from interviews, to brief check-ins, to deep dives on topics

You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you

Joseph Campbell